Book Review

Yellowstone & Grand Teton Wildlife Portfolio by Henry H. Holdsworth. Yellowstone & Grand Teton Wildlife Portfolio

Author: Henry H. Holdsworth

Publisher: Farcountry Press

ISBN 1-56037-177-3

This book is about photographs and showcases the work of Jackson Hole based photographer Henry H. Holdsworth.

A short forward by Holdsworth reveals the deep love he has for this area and its wildlife. There is no mistaking the fact that here is a man who is passionate about his subjects, their behaviour and their environment. A forward is followed by wall-to-wall photographs for the remaining 117 pages of this book. There is very little text other than a single paragraph about the subject of each photograph. A wise move as the 130 of Holdsworth's photographs displayed here speak for themselves.

The layout of this coffee table hard backed book doesn't seem to follow any particular order. Subjects, seasons, picture orientations and layouts vary from page to page. This makes sure that looking through the book is always interesting because the reader has no idea what is coming next. Quality of reproduction is excellent, which is as it should be as anything less would not do the photographs justice.

Anyone who is interested in the wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem would enjoy looking at this book, either as a primer before making a visit or as a reminder of sights seen and places visited.

Yellowstone & Grand Teton Wildlife Portfolio by Henry H. Holdsworth. Sample Pages.