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Cover: Waiting For The Light by David Noton Waiting For The Light

Author: David Noton

Publisher: David & Charles

ISBN 0-7153-2741-0

For the past 25 years David Noton has been carving out a successful career as a landscape photographer. This book brings together a stunning collection of his images taken during that time. As this is his first book you could easily be drawn in to thinking that it was a long time coming, but such a timescale is completely in keeping with his photographic style. Noton will wait for days, weeks, sometimes months and even years for the right conditions to present themselves before taking the definitive shot.

The main body of this book is covered in four chapters: Vision, where Noton discusses his outlook and approach; Environments, the places and conditions that make for good photographs; Gallery, a showcase of images and Mechanics, the tools of the trade. There are also other feature articles that break up the chapters comprising of five Travel Diaries, four Photo Journals and four Photo Essays. This could be said to provide the reader with a variety of layouts that will hold their attention and maintain interest. It could just as easily be said that the editor couldn't decide on which layout worked best and decided to cover all the options.

Narrative is well written in a friendly and casual style. This gave me the impression that Noton is just having a chat, slipping in his own brand of humour now and again - a style that I enjoy and one that kept me reading along. Flipping into nit-picking mode, I picked up one error in Notons' explanation of how light is scattered, where he mixes up red and blue light wavelengths. This is certainly not a show stopper, but it is something that a technical editor should have picked up on.

However, there is no doubt that this book is about Noton's photographs, and they are stunning. He has travelled the globe and the 200 plus images presented in this book are a real feast for the eyes. Noton is obviously a master of the panoramic format; most of the photographs shown are of the letter box type. His compositions are meticulously thought out and don't look like cut-down versions of more regular formats - no doubt a product of his unwavering patience and careful planning.

This is an excellent book that any lover of landscape photography will enjoy. The photographs more than make up for any layout issues and I can confidently proclaim that this book would be a worthy addition to any photographers' bookshelf.

Waiting For The Light by David Noton. Sample Pages.

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