Book Review

Cover: Mastering Landscape Photography by Alain Briot. Mastering Landscape Photography

Author: Alain Briot

Publisher: Rockynook

ISBN 1-933952-06-7

Alain Briot is a very experienced, USA based landscape photographer, who has built a successful business selling fine art photographs. He is also an academic who has applied his incisive mind to the art and business of landscape photography. Briot has followed his own path during his career, developing along the way a uniquely personal view of how to create and sell top quality landscape photographs, which he willingly shares among the pages of this book.

The contents of Mastering Landscape Photography basically cover three main areas; technical, artistic and business. Technical aspects are dealt with succinctly and in a no-nonsense fashion, leaving the majority of the book to explore artistic skills and business know how.

Unlike most landscape photography books this one is not packed out with lots of different pictures. In fact sometimes the same image is shown multiple times, or a series of shots from the same location are displayed. This is done deliberately so that Briot can emphasise various aspects of his working methods. It also highlights that this book is about the working end of landscape photography - getting to grips with how to take top quality photographs. In the same vein, each chapter contains a series of well thought out exercises, some of which will take a considerable degree of dedication to complete. But you would definitely be a better photographer after doing so.

Business techniques are understandably USA rooted and many of the specifics will only apply there. However, good business acumen can be applied anywhere in the world, and Briot demonstrates plenty of that in the several chapters dedicated to business matters.

I would say that this is not a book for the absolute beginner, but if you are a competent landscape photographer, looking for a way to take your photography to the next level - then this excellent book could be for you.

Mastering Landscape Photography by Alain Briot. Sample Pages.