Book Review

Cover: Fine Art Nature Photography: advanced techniques and the creative process. Fine Art Nature Photography:
advanced techniques and the creative process

Author: Tony Sweet

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN 0-8117-2750-5

Creativity is something that obviously flows through Tony Sweets’ veins. Once a professional musician his creative arts are now deftly applied to photography. Yet he is also an adept communicator as the layout and contents of this 106-page book demonstrate.

The books’ concept is simple enough and the layout is in tune with this. Each double page spread consists of a photograph to the right with a short personal essay on the left. Sweet discusses such topics as subject selection, method of approach, creative considerations and the building of the image. It’s clear to me that the words aren’t really about what Sweet has done but are intended as a guide to gaining greater insight into the readers’ own photography.

I enjoyed looking at every one of the 52 photos in this book. Laid out on square, white pages the photographs are reminiscent of looking at a slide in its mount. The creative techniques used are not overly complicated and Sweet freely offers all the necessary information to allow you to try the same techniques for yourself.

Although this book appears to have no divisions it is in fact divided into four sections, each headed by a short quote. The message of which hints at what is to come.

Wisely the equipment technicalities are dealt with at the end of the book, allowing the reader to flow smoothly through this body of work. And take the time to allow Sweets' work to be absorbed and enjoyed.

I liked this book a lot and would recommend it to any landscape photographer interested in creating images that capture more than a sense of place.

Fine Art Nature Photography by Tony Sweet. Sample Pages.