Book Review

Cover: Fuglamyndir (Bird Pictures) by Daniel Bergmann. Fuglamyndir (Bird Pictures)

Author: Daniel Bergmann

Publisher: Natura

ISBN 9979-9736-0-9

Daniel Bergmann is a world-class bird photographer who lives in Iceland. The photographs featured in this book have all been taken in Iceland, in all seasons and cover a wide range of bird behaviour, habitat and action.

The book begins with a half-page forward followed by a full-page introduction. From then on the reader is presented with stunning bird photograph after stunning bird photograph. Usually each picture stands alone as a study of a species. However, the pictures are occasionally paired up with a detailed portrait alongside a different view. I found these to be particularly good as the contrast of viewpoints works well.

A minimalist approach to the page layouts is applied to the point where page numbers are not included. Bergmann has done this to ensure that nothing will distract the viewer’s eye from the 60-plus photographs. To stop you getting totally lost occasional blank pages are included, these are numbered and help you to place yourself within the book.

Bergmann demonstrates that he is a master photographer and particularly excels at in-flight shots. Using techniques he has perfected over thousands of hours in the field he manages to capture some stunning action, both in the air and on the ground.

This book finishes with a series of thumbnails and notes on each picture taken, and the page number as reference. There isn’t much text in this book, fortunately for me, as it is all in Icelandic. This is not a problem for the non-Icelandic reader as quite simple the pictures tell their own story. All together this book is a master class in bird photography and well worth studying.

To obtain a copy of this limited distribution publication contact Bergmann via either his website or the publishers’ website.

Fuglamyndir (Bird Pictures) by Daniel Bergmann. Sample Pages.