Book Review

Cover: Photographing Trees by Edward Parker Photographing Trees

Author: Edward Parker

Publisher: Kew Publishing

ISBN-10: 1842464760

ISBN-13: 978-1842464762

Edward Parker is a world-travelled photographer who delights in photographing trees and willingly shares his knowledge and experiences in this book. Essentially, Photographing Trees is divided into three sections with an introduction and conclusion acting as bookends.

Part one explores what makes a good photograph, and what you can do to make your own photographs better. This covers the usual suspects such as use of light and viewpoint, how to compose a photograph using the rule of thirds, without being a slave to it and what it takes to plan for a successful shoot.

In part two Parker moves on to exploring using your camera, whatever type it is, from Point and Shoot to top-end DSLR. This is the technical side of taking good photographs and Parker covers it very well in an easy to understand manner.

The final third of this book majors on how to photograph trees, from small in the frame to close-up details. His informative text is packed full of photographic gems and entertaining anecdotes as he explains the story behind the photographs laid out before the reader.

Each of the 120 colour photographs are accompanied by a descriptive caption and technical details. Further information is scattered throughout the book in the form of Expert Tips boxes, where even more details on photographing trees is found.

This is a very nice book for anyone interested in photographing trees or landscapes including trees, regardless of experience. Just as important is that the lessons learnt from reading this book can be applied across a range of photographic disciplines. Not just tree photography.

Photographing Trees by Edward Parker. Sample Pages.

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