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Cover: Wildflower Wonders of the World by Bob Gibbons Wildflower Wonders of the World

Author: Bob Gibbons

Publisher: New Holland Publishers

ISBN 978 1 8477 38264

Bob Gibbons is a very accomplished botanist and flower photographer and is an ideal person to create a book such as this; his enthusiasm for (and knowledge of) this subject shines through in every chapter. The premise of this book is a simple question; which are the most flowery places to visit? This is his answer.

The book begins with a short forward and introduction followed by a couple of pages of Gibbons' thoughts as to why some places are so flowery. After this the book gets into its core premise of presenting the reader with details of 50 of the worlds' most flowery places.

Five of the worlds' seven continents are covered (Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia, and North America) with details provided of locations, when and where to go and the areas' protection status. There is a fair spread around the globe and visiting all of these sites would be a serious undertaking, so this is a book that suits the armchair traveller.

This book concludes with a list of even more sites that are worth visiting, a list of useful contacts for trip planning, a species list and an index

Each location is lavishly illustrated with superbly colourful photographs and accompanied by an informative and interesting narrative. Studying the photographs alone is akin to a master class in flower photography. Gibbons has a way of creating interesting images that lead the viewers' eye on a wonderful journey towards the focal point. If you want to know how to take flower photographs then study the close-up images, if you want to know how to take landscapes with colourful foregrounds then study the wide-view images.

However, if you want to take excellent flower photographs then you will have to get out of the armchair, respond to the surge of botanical wanderlust that this book will generate and get out there - and going to some of these places is probably the best thing that you could do.

Wildflower Wonders of the World by Bob Gibbons. Sample Pages.

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