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Cover: Full Frame by David Noton Full Frame

Author: David Noton

Publisher: David & Charles

ISBN 9 780715 336144

Full Frame is David Noton's second book and builds upon the deserved success of his first. He continues to write in his friendly down-to-earth style and endlessly shares pearls of photographic wisdom throughout the 191 pages of this volume, beginning with the introduction where he sets the scene for what follows.

This book consists of ten chapters which take the reader on a twelve month world tour (Morocco - Bali - South Africa - Laos - Provence - Umbria - Canada - Dorset - Snowdonia -and Bolivia) in pursuit of outstanding images. Things don't always go to plan and Noton shares the pains and disappointments that he experiences along the way, as well as the adrenaline charged fleeting moments of special light that all landscape photographers crave.

The book is lavishly illustrated with almost 200 photographs covering colour, monochrome, stitched panoramics and infra-red. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into its layout to give a travel diary feel. Most of the pictures have some technical details but the most valuable information of all can be found sprinkled through Noton's telling of his adventures day by day.

Although Noton is renowned as a landscape photographer his travel photography takes equal place in this book and it is well worth seeing. His South African foray into the world of wildlife photography is probably the weakest set, but he still accredits himself well and shows himself to be a highly capable photographer, regardless of the subject, location or circumstances.

This is an excellent book, containing inspiration by the bucket load, and one that any photographer would be delighted to own.

Full Frame by David Noton. Sample Pages.

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