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Cover: BIRDS magic moments by Markus Varesvuo BIRDS magic moments

Author: Markus Varesvuo

Publisher: New Holland Publishers

ISBN 978 1 78009 075 7

This book is a fine collection of some of the most amazing bird photographs that I have ever seen.

Markus Varesvuo has diligently pursued bird photography for quite a number of years. During that time he has become known and respected for being one of the finest bird photographers in the world, with a speciality of capturing critical moments of high-speed activity. 157 such photographs are presented in this book for the reader to stare at in open-jawed amazement.

The layout of this book is very simple. Beginning with a short introduction Markus explains why he is drawn to photograph birds. From then on in it is full-on bird photography until a technical details summary and species index at the end. Grouped around themes that are listed on a contents page, but not identified elsewhere in the book, each photograph is accompanied by an extended caption that includes the subject name, Latin name and brief notes on behaviour, circumstances or technical picture taking problems overcome.

My only reservation with this excellent book is that some photographs are displayed across more than one page. I suspect this has been done to show them as large as possible. Unfortunately the effort is wasted because the pages don't lay flat and detail is lost across the fold. Fortunately, such photographs are a minority.

If you enjoy looking at superb bird photographs, you will enjoy this book.

BIRDS magic moments by Markus Varesvuo. Sample Pages.

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