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Cover: Intimate Portraits of the Colorado Plateau by Guy Tal Intimate Portraits of the Colorado Plateau

Author: Guy Tal

Publisher: Guy Tal

Ref: guytal.com

Guy Tal lives in the heart of the Colorado Plateau and this E-book could easily be described as a love song to the area that he knows so well. The photography is stunning.

This book is divided up into a series of chapters, each one exploring a different aspect of the region. Each chapter begins with a short introductory essay with a collection of superb images following immediately. Before the reader begins exploring the chapters an introduction gets the ball rolling and is immediately followed by an essay on Guy's understanding of what 'Intimate Portraits' means. This is followed in turn by an essay introducing the reader to the Colorado Plateau as a remote and relatively human-free region.

I enjoyed Guy's flowing writing style and appreciated his insights to the Colorado Plateau, but it is his photographs that make this book a dazzling piece of work. Each photograph has a short caption that includes its title and a thoughtful comment. What the captions don't include is any location or technical shooting information and the book benefits because of that. Looking through the photographs the reader is taken on a journey of exploration by an experienced and talented guide.

This 146 page work of art is available as a 180 Mb downloadable file from guytal.com. It is not available as a real-world coffee table edition, which is a shame.

Intimate Portraits of the Colorado Plateau by Guy Tal. Sample Pages.