Book Review

Cover: 100 Ways to Take Better Nature & Wildlife Photographs by Guy Edwardes 100 Ways to Take Better Nature & Wildlife Photographs

Author: Guy Edwardes

Publisher: David & Charles

ISBN 978-0-7153-3148-4

Guy Edwardes is an established UK photographer who excels at taking photographs outdoors. He has an easy-to-read writing style and explains his points very well. As per the title, in this book he shares with the reader 100 different photography tips. Each one is illustrated with an inspiring photograph accompanied by full technical details.

After an introduction there are ten chapters covering all aspects of nature and wildlife photography, each containing ten tips. There is no obvious progression from easy to difficult and each tip can stand alone as well as fit in with a given chapters' theme. Many of them would make a good project idea and, as such, this book offers the photographer more than the sum of its parts.

The title page of each chapter is an impressive double page spread, none of which escape the full technical details expose. At the end of the tips chapters is an index where there is a gallery of the title pages photographs and their information.

Edwardes has provided some invaluable insights to achieving quality photographs. Reading and applying what is in this book will certainly help to make you a better photographer.

100 Ways to Take Better Nature & Wildlife Photographs by Guy Edwardes. Sample Pages.