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Cover: Tooth & Claw: Living Alongside Britain's Predators by Peter Cairns and Mark Hamblin Tooth & Claw: Living Alongside Britain's Predators

Author: Peter Cairns and Mark Hamblin

Publisher: Whittles Publishing

ISBN 1904445462

Pete Cairns and Mark Hamblin are two of the UK's finest nature and wildlife photographers. Over a period of approximately three years they have been exploring man's relationship with predators, seeking information wherever possible from a variety of sources, including the general public. By presenting this information together with top quality images they have created a work that is somewhat unique in the field of wildlife photography.

An introduction presents the case for a need to discuss our interactions with and perceptions of predators. Thereafter the reader is led on a fascinating journey exploring various aspects of this special relationship, beginning with the iconic European wolf. Other topics covered include pigeon keeping, game keeping, domestic cats, foxes, seals eagles and general attitudes towards re-introductions.

In each chapter opinions both for and against predators are presented in such a way as to be bias free. The authors do an admirable job of this; in fact they may be too successful as occasionally I found myself wanting to know what they actually thought. As one would expect from two highly skilled photographers, the highly readable text is accompanied by excellent photographs.

Everyone will find something in here that they agree with, and disagree with. As a tool to "facilitate discussion" I think that this book really hits the mark. Inclusion of comments from the Tooth & Claw online forum adds another level of interest for the reader, and confirms just how much room there is for further discussion of this topic.

Tooth & Claw: Living Alongside Britain's Predators by Peter Cairns and Mark Hamblin. Sample Pages.

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